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Mobility Equipment Services

Pediatric positioning and mobility equipment is our specialty and our passion.

One of the most important ways we can help our children enjoy happy healthy lives is to afford them the opportunity to move at the earliest possible age. At Walking and Wheeling, we provide optimum adaptive equipment to get your child moving.

We want your child to receive the most effective adaptive equipment to get them moving on their own. We will help your child acquire the very best equipment suited for their unique needs, by providing an evaluation by a physical therapist who specializes in adaptive equipment. We also offer training to get the most functional use out of the equipment.

Mobility Services

We can evaluate your child’s orthotic and mobility equipment needs at your home, school, or wherever your child functions. We can do a:
A physical therapy evaluation with the child’s parents, primary therapists, childcare provider, and/or school staff. We will collaborate together to make the best recommendation for orthotics and mobility equipment.
Casting and fitting of orthotics and braces.
Measuring and fitting for wheeled mobility and ambulation aides.
Training in the use of the adaptive equipment.
Consultation for treatment options for the child with his/her primary therapist.
Home programs to assist parents in helping their children acquire mobility skills such as walking, stair climbing, and wheeled mobility.

Mobility Equipment

Some of the equipment we provide:
Orthotics for the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrist and hands.
Walkers, standers, crutches, and canes.
Wheelchairs, and adaptive strollers
Bikes, trikes, and trailer bikes adapted for the individual child.
Bath equipment
Lift equipment
Other assistive technology


Wheelchairs and Strollers

Indoor Positioning Chairs

Bathroom Equipment

Patient Lift Equipment

Mats and Changing Tables

Adaptive Trikes, and Tag Alongs

Recreational Mobility Devices

Manual Wheelchair Assist Devices


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