1. Hip Stretching; if Applicable.
  2. Walk back and forth straddling a 6”-12" wide board that is laying on the ground.
  3. Use a toy with parts to carry back and forth (i.e. a puzzle).
  4. Walk at least 10 minutes day in swimming flippers, or snow shoes, or "Monster Feet”.
  5. Roller skate or roller blade every day to every other day.
  6. Propel a riding toy, trike, or bike.
  7. Practice walking like a duck, penguin, or elephant. For example, "walk like a duck to the car" or when going to run an errand.
  8. Consider a rock climbing course for one semester.
  9. Consider a trial period of tae-kwon-do.
  10. Snow shoeing.
  11. Walking or running up hills.